Egyptian Marble

Egyptian Marble

Egyptian Marble

Egyptian Marble

Egyptian Marble

 Galala Country of origin: Egypt

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    Diamond-stone company is pleased to provide its services in the field of marble in the Middle East and all over the world and to communicate with you permanently to meet your services ....


With over 15 years experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for your next renovation, driveway sett or home repair. We provide a professional service for private and commercial customers.

  • Advantages of Marble

    Advantages of Marble

    1 - Provide architectural and decorative designs as a result of the shape, nature and composition of the colors of marble and its ability to polish....

  • Marble types

    Marble types

    There are two types of marble: (natural marble - industrial marble) With The Running Industrial, the modern technology is however Artificial marble,...

  • Marble


    Marble is a crystalline, crystalline natural stone that controls the nature of the earth in its composition and coloring due to exposure to geological...

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The company's products: - (marble blocks - marble plates and laminate granite - marble plates and shiny granite Trial marble and granite complete manufacturing with a distinctive finish final forms of finishing, for example gloss, treatment, cheat, burner, tambour and Walsh mountain and acid Mosaic Marble - Baskets & Kitchens - Columns - Light units - Heaters - Waterjet Works - Mosaic & Mounts - & Shabl For External Installation...


 sdiamond stone  was established to supply the world's needs of marble, granite and all stoneware items directly from our quarries and mines here in Egypt. Since medieval times Egyptian Stone has been used for Egypt's buildings and include one of the seventh wonders of the world being the pyramids of Giza.                     &nb....


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    002 - 01000411459

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    Building 10 C Ahmed Abdel Aziz St., next to the street of the aid

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